Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emma Watson Crush

Emma Watson's first love was her 'Harry Potter' co-star. The actress - who began as the character Hermione Granger in the film franchise a decade ago, when she was 11 years - admitted imagining her co-star Tom Felton, who played on the screen-enemy Draco Malfoy.

Emma told Seventeen magazine: "For the first two films, I had a crush on Tom Felton was my first love."

The star - now 21 - said he did not make things difficult on set, and she can laugh about it with Tom, who is now 23.

He added: "He knows fully we talked about it - we still laugh at it are very good friends now, and that's fine..."

Emma - who has recently been romantically linked to her "the advantages of being a wallflower," co-star Johnny Simmon, and has dated one night only singer George Craig - admitted he is not very good to play hard to reach children like.

He added: "I am a terrible player game I'm so impatient - it's one of my worst traits."

"I will say about a man, 'I like you - let's hang out." But my friends are like, 'you cannot do that! You have to string this along.

"And I'm like, 'No, I do not! Just want to go far! - Definitely not been resolved yet."


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