Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet First Male Model On 'Price Is Right

Meet First Male Model On 'Price Is Right', Rob Wilson went through a lot of hurdles to land the coveted spot on the game show.


Supermarket Meat You Should Never Buy

Supermarket Meat You Should Never Buy, One big clue lets you know if packaged pork, chicken, and beef have been sitting around awhile. Smart Shopping: A Surprising Way to Tell If Meat is Really Fresh, Americans waste more than $2,000 a year by throwing away unused groceries. Are shoppers being duped into buying what they don't need by sneaky tactics employed by supermarkets? On Easy Does It with Ereka Vetrini, consumer spending guru Phil Lempert shares his strategy for smart shopping, including when -- and why -- you should avoid meat markdowns.

First, shop on Wednesdays as this is the typical day that grocery stores host their sales. When you arrive at the store, Lempert recommends that shoppers avoid the path that supermarkets have set out. Stay clear of the produce department until the end of your trip. "It's full of aromas and colors and it puts us in a great mood, and we're gonna spend more time in the store," says Lempert. "I want you to head to the center of the store where it's got unemotional boxes and jars and cans and so on. And frankly, from a food safety standpoint, that's what you want to put in your cart first anyway.

Then you can go to the produce because by now you're desensitized. Then you go to the dairy department, then you'll go to the frozen foods department." And those food markdowns that look like deals of the century? If the purchase date is too close to the expiration date, walk on by -- especially when it comes to packaged meat. Lempert points out that pork, chicken, beef and some seafood is often packaged in Styrofoam containers. Underneath the meat is something called a "bladder" and it's used to absorb the moisture from the meat or seafood.


Kristen Stewart Cuts Interview Short

Kristen Stewart Cuts Interview Short, The star's first chat with fans since her cheating scandal doesn't go so smooth. Kristen Stewart's 30-minute webcast lasts half that long, no mention of RPattz, Kristen Stewart's first live interview since she cheated on longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson in July was awkward to say the least, and it only lasted about half as long as it was supposed to! The live webcast was advertised as a 30-minute event to promote Balenciaga's new Florabotanica perfume, but the chat was over after about 16 minutes.

Fans submitted more than 5,000 questions for the 22-year-old "Twilight" star about subjects as varied as Pattinson, her favorite music, and her decision to do her first endorsement deal with the high-fashion brand. However, the interviewer stuck to a dozen or so questions that were strictly focused on the fragrance. Sorry, RPattz fans!

But even talking about perfume proved to be difficult for Stewart, who often stammered and appeared to be at a loss for words during the chat. "Luckily, I like the smell of the fragrance, so I don't have to lie about that, and that's great!" she said at one point. She also described the type of person who usually likes the Balenciaga label. "I feel like it does draw sort of fearless people," she noted. "I just find that those are the kind of people who are attracted to Balenciaga. Even in this [fragrance], there's a fearlessness to it ... it's definitely not to be denied." When the friendly interviewer asked if Stewart included herself in this group, she was quick to answer. "Damn right," the starlet said with a laugh. "Yeah, I hope so. I mean, God, I try to do that every day."


Co-Stars That 'Full House' Star Doesn't Talk To

Co-Stars That 'Full House' Star Doesn't Talk To, Candace Cameron opens up about her sitcom past, her brother's controversial remarks, and her new movie. Candace Cameron talks holiday movie, Olsen twins, brother Kirk and motherhood, For those of you who caught the recent "Full House" reunion, you know that the show's former star, who played D.J. Tanner, has indeed grown into a gorgeous woman. But you may be surprised the extent to which Candace Cameron Bure (yes, she has tacked on her married name) has truly become an adult.

Now 36 years old and the mother of three, her oldest, daughter Natasha, is three years older than Candace was when she first appeared on the popular family sitcom 25 years ago. Natasha is now also taller than her famous mom.

I caught up with Candace recently as she was promoting the drama "The Heart of Christmas," available now on DVD. The film is both heart wrenching and uplifting, based on the true story of a community that rallies around a young boy who is diagnosed with cancer. Candace spoke with me about how she prepares for emotional scenes. She also opened up about her brother Kirk Cameron (of former "Growing Pains" fame), her thoughts on why the Olsen twins didn't make it to the "Full House" reunion, and why she has turned down roles on successful sitcoms that are on the air today.


Presidential Candidates' Celeb Donors

Presidential Candidates' Celeb Donors, Obama has received financial support from some big names in Hollywood. Top VIP donors for Obama and Romney, Money plays a big role in the elections. Each month, political pundits track fundraising and spending by the political parties, the campaigns and the political action committees, or PACs.

A lot of those dollars are coming from some big-money names. But who are they? So far, one of the pro-Mitt Romney PACs, Restore Our Future, has made inroads with many of the nation's billionaires, while one of the pro-President Barack Obama PACs, Priorities USA Action, has enjoyed a lot of support from Hollywood celebrities.

With the election in November, here's a look at some of the biggest donors so far.


High-Tech Costume Puts A Hole In Your Chest

High-Tech Costume Puts A Hole In Your Chest, Thanks to a NASA rocket scientist, this Halloween's creepiest outfit may be the coolest. It Took a Rocket Scientist to Create This Costume, When NASA engineer Mark Rober posted a Halloween costume on YouTube last year using two iPads to create the effect of a hole through his stomach, more than 3 million people checked it out.

The idea, like the effect in Rober's stomach, blew up. But viewers complained they didn't have an extra thousand dollars lying around to outfit their own Halloween costumes in a similar way.

Rober took the complaints to heart. So when he wasn't busy designing components for the Curiosity Rover that landed on Mars a couple of months ago, he devoted evenings and weekends to developing a similar but affordable costume called Digital Dudz.


Actor's Impolite Remark To Hollywood

Actor's Impolite Remark To Hollywood, Joaquin Phoenix just may have cost himself an Oscar nomination thanks to a recent interview. Joaquin Phoenix says Oscar race is 'bull****', If you've been following Joaquin Phoenix closely the past few years, you may have seen this coming.

The 37-year-old actor is getting a lot of Oscar buzz for his performance as a paint thinner-swilling WWII vet who takes up with the founder of a controversial new religion in "The Master." But Phoenix could care less about lobbying for a golden statuette.

"I think it's bull****," he said recently in Interview Magazine when asked what he's going to do when he's put on the awards circuit for "The Master." "I don't want to be a part of it," Phoenix went on to say, adding, "I don't believe in it. It's a carrot, but it's the worst-tasting carrot I've ever tasted in my whole life. I don't want this carrot. It's totally subjective. Pitting people against each other . . . It's the stupidest thing in the whole world."