Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Target Airs Christmas Ad ... In October

Target Airs Christmas Ad ... In October, The chain begins promoting the holidays even before Halloween arrives, prompting a collective groan. Target Decides It's Never Too Early for Christmas Ads, This year's presidential election was supposed to put a hold on retailers' usual onslaught of holiday ads. But one chain couldn't resist.

In what appears to be the first opening salvo of holiday shopping spots, Target (TGT) aired a Christmas-themed TV commercial over the weekend (AdAge's report), eliciting a few "too-soon" cries from consumers who are just starting to think about their Halloween costumes.

Though it feels as if they appear earlier and earlier each year, holiday TV ads typically start showing in early November. Online coupon site recently issued a report dubbing the shopping season "OctoNovemCember," saying that 39% of consumers begin their holiday shopping before November, according to their survey.

But snow and Christmas lights in mid-October? Just for the record, there are 37 days until Thanksgiving, and 70 until Christmas.


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