Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baffling Disappearance Of Giant Pumpkin

Baffling Disappearance Of Giant Pumpkin, A farm market owner didn't think anyone would be able to remove or steal such a large object. 300-Pound Pumpkin Plucked From Illinois Farm Stand, Unless it magically turned into a carriage at midnight to get Cinderella safely to the ball, the 300-pound pumpkin that used to adorn an Illinois farmstand was stolen. Or at least that's what Hammer's Farm Market owner Roger Hammer, of Peoria, Ill., believes happened.

"The last person that saw it was my brother. He drove by on 6:30 Sunday evening, and he said he saw it there. But 10 a.m. Monday when we opened, it was missing," Hammer told

Hammer is unsure how anyone would be able to remove or steal such a large pumpkin, since it was a feat even getting it to their own farm stand.

"I picked this up from another farmer farther north in Illinois. I actually had two of them. We sold one, and I didn't want to sell the second one because I thought it would be a good attraction for kids to take pictures with. We wanted to keep one mainly as an attraction," Hammer said.


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