Friday, October 19, 2012

Marlin Goes Berserk, Attacks Fishermen

Marlin Goes Berserk, Attacks Fishermen, A crew's attempt to reel in a 600-pound beauty off Australia nearly turns into a disaster. Landing a large marlin can be an exciting chore, but it can also be dangerous, as the crew aboard the Little Audrey discovered recently while fighting a 600-pound black marlin off Cairns, Australia. The accompanying footage--shown from several camera angles--shows a frenetic scene in which the powerful marlin leaps briefly onto the cruiser as it's being reeled in by a fisherman in a fighting chair.

The man with what looks like a camera pole narrowly avoids being skewered, while a crewman is struck in the head by a hunk of stairwell torn loose by the billfish. This occurred as the captain was backing up, trying to assist the angler, leaving the deck awash. Fortunately, the marlin's time on the deck was brief, as it quickly flopped back into the water. According to a description by the YouTube user, Offshoreterror: "The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries."


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