Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Actor Responds To Being Called 'Worst' Bond

Actor Responds To Being Called 'Worst' Bond, Roger Moore says critics once likened his performance to "a lump of English roast beef." Roger Moore laughs off James Bond bashing, Although he ties Sean Connery with the most amount of big-screen appearances as 007, Roger Moore is well aware he is the silliest of all the Bonds -- a take on the famed secret agent that has drawn criticism from certain fans over the years.

In typical Moore fashion, he simply laughs it off, saying recently he's used to being a target. From the New York Post:

Q: You've joked that, according to the Internet, you're the "worst Bond." Does that annoy you?

A: I'm used to bad reviews. My favorite was for [the 1956 film] "Diane" opposite Lana Turner. I played [her lover] Prince Henri. The review for either Time or Newsweek, I don't remember which, said "Lana Turner as Diane du Poitiers came onto the screen with a clattering of high heels and a flutter of false eyelashes, followed by a lump of English roast beef."


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