Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teen's Selfless Act The Stuff Of Legend

Teen's Selfless Act The Stuff Of Legend, The refs almost blew the special chance Michael Ferns set up for his grieving teammate. Top RB stops 1 yard short of end zone to set up touching TD tribute for grieving teammate, When Michael Ferns was racing toward the end zone, the Clairsville (Ohio) St. Clairsville High star had nothing in front of him but green grass and glory. He was seemingly seconds away from scoring his 12th touchdown of the season and wrapping up a victory for St. Clairsville against area rival Richmond (Ohio) Edison High.

Then, just feet short of the goal line, Ferns slowed and walked out of bounds at the 1-yard line. Everyone in the stadium was stunned, except for Ferns' teammates, who instantly knew what he was doing: He was setting up a teammate to score a fitting touchdown in memory of his late father, who had died just two days earlier from a catastrophic stroke.


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