Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dog Saves Pals Stranded In Canoe

Dog Saves Pals Stranded In Canoe, A black Labrador retriever leaps into action when he spots two friends drifting away. Two tales of dogs saving dogs (with VIDEO), Here are two dogs that deserve to take a bow-wow-wow. In an amazing video making its way through YouTube, a black Labrador retriever comes to the rescue of his two furry friends who are stranded on a canoe in a swift, swirling river. The video starts with two dogs whimpering aboard a human-less boat as they drift downstream.

The location is unidentified but believed to be somewhere in the U.S. Barks are exchanged between the dogs on the canoe and the Lab, who is offscreen. Then a man yells, "Go in," and the Lab jumps quickly in the water. The Lab, whose breed is comfortable in water, swims directly to the canoe, which appears to be caught on something. A man calls out to the Lab, named Robbie, encouraging him as he swims upstream to the canoe and grabs the tow rope with his mouth.


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