Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waterfall Swing Is Mesmerizing To Watch

Waterfall Swing Is Mesmerizing To Watch, It appears these riders are headed for a wet ride, but a cool trick brings a nice surprise. Waterfall Swing makes waves on the Web, This is not your swing set from childhood. The Waterfall Swing-created by Mike O'Toole, Andrew Ratcliff, Ian Charnas, and Andrew Witte of the Brooklyn-based art and architecture firm Dash 7 Design-has a computer in it. And, of course, a lot of water. Video of the swing has captured the attention of the Web.

The clip shows riders on the swings getting a big push toward a wall of water. As they swing forward, a hole opens up for them to swing through without getting wet. It's part art installation, part engineering marvel and part play structure.

The friends and designers put their heads together to come up with the cool contraption for the 2011 World Maker Faire. By all accounts, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams-or perhaps ours.


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