Sunday, October 14, 2012

Uh-Oh: You're At The Airport Without Any ID

Uh-Oh: You're At The Airport Without Any ID, One family learns how the TSA reacts when mom can't produce proper photo identification. Flying Without a Photo ID, Not only are extra fees for checked bags annoying, but they nearly caused me to miss a flight. Last Friday, while my family gulped down breakfast before leaving for a weekend trip, I dealt with a last-minute, work-related technology snafu and went through a mental travel check list. Cancel delivery of the newspapers? Yes.

Stop mail? Yes. All that was left was to check in online and print out the boarding passes. I grabbed my wallet to pay the $50 in advance for two checked bags to save time at the airport. We then piled into the minivan, dropped our dog off at the kennel and headed to the airport, congratulating ourselves that, for once, we were on schedule. Our self-satisfaction -- or at least, mine -- evaporated, though, when we arrived at the airport, I opened my purse and discovered that my wallet was missing. I quickly realized that after using my credit card to pay for the checked bags, I had left my wallet on my desk.


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