Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giants Return Home To 'Heartless' Scene

Giants Return Home To 'Heartless' Scene, While New York celebrated a big victory over the 49ers, an unfortunate event unfolded back at the airport. New York Giants' cars burglarized while they were in San Francisco, beating the 49ers, While the New York Giants were across the country beating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, thieves were breaking into their cars. The team got back to the Timex Performance Center and found several cars were burglarized and one was stolen.

According to NBC New York, the cars were inside an iron fence covered by a security camera. The cars were not locked, and the stolen vehicle was a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice. Though police didn't identify which players were affected, offensive lineman James Brewer tweeted his disappointment:

Only in Jersey can someone be heartless enough to break into my car while we are in Cali making fans proud..geez get your life right in 2012

- James Brewer (@Big_Brewski) October 15, 2012


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