Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yankees Reeling, On Verge Of Elimination

Yankees Reeling, On Verge Of Elimination, New York is mostly powerless against Detroit's Justin Verlander and now faces a bleak outlook. Yankees' struggles leave Joe Girardi between rock and a vacation, No one feels bad for Joe Girardi, even if he did spend the afternoon picking warm bodies from the clubhouse, the early evening explaining to the world why he believed some were warmer than others, and the rest of the night confirming cold is cold and maybe it wasn't worth all the thought and effort.

His is a big-boy job in a big-boy town. He wears that number on his back while the New York Yankees have hardly seemed farther from their 28th world championship, even eight wins away. Losses are cataclysmic this time of year, as are oh-three holes in the American League Championship Series.

The Yankees scored another run Tuesday night, the kind of thing they do now every 21 innings or so. Girardi picked the men and the order in which they'd bat, which would not seem like much of a deal until you're scoring a run every 21 innings or so.


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