Friday, October 19, 2012

Rumors Swirl About N. Korea's First Lady

Rumors Swirl About N. Korea's First Lady, Her recent absence from the public spotlight has raised plenty of guesswork. Speculations swirl about 'missing' North Korean first lady, The lack of public appearances in more than a month by the first lady of North Korea has raised speculation about her fate.

Ri Sol Ju, a singer who married North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, customarily has been pictured with her husband during visits to military units, farms, and at official ceremonies, the Telegraph reports. But word out of South Korean media now says Ri has not been seen in public for more than 40 days.

One thought is that the young bride is pregnant and does not yet want it made public, the Daily Mail reports.

The Daily Mail notes that Ri did not join her husband during a roller coaster ride in July at the opening of the Reungra People's Resort in Pyongyang.


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