Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best And Worst Of College Football So Far

Best And Worst Of College Football So Far, Is Alabama really the nation's top team, and is Geno Smith the true Heisman frontrunner? Forde-Yard Dash: Tackling BCS smear campaigns and doling out midseason awards, It's campaign season in America, and you know what that means: The air is full of negative, mud-slinging denigrations from one contender toward another.

Oh, and there's a presidential race going on as well.

The Dash is referring to the fan bases who have begun the annual autumnal rite of bashing their competitors' ranking in the BCS standings. Just in case the poll voters are listening and can be swayed.

If the voters do listen to enough voices, they'll be shocked to learn that everyone is overrated and nobody has any quality wins - and if they do, the refs probably handed the game to them. (Ask Notre Dame fans if they've heard all of the above since Saturday night's win over Stanford.)

For those with a loss, the justifications are flowing freely: a key injury, a bad day, a series of criminally overlooked holding calls that jobbed our virtuous program. Or, if you're LSU, it was too humid to win in Florida. Sniff.


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