Friday, October 19, 2012

'Love This Binder ... Keeps Me In My Place'

'Love This Binder ... Keeps Me In My Place', Mitt Romney's awkward debate remark inspires a flood of mischievous Amazon reviews. Sarcastic binder reviews a hit on Amazon, During Tuesday's debate, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that he had been given "binders full of women" when he sought females for cabinet positions while governor of Massachusetts. Sarcastic binder enthusiasts pounced. A meme was born.

Snarky customers have posted slews of fake (though incredibly in-depth) reviews on, you guessed it, binders. Many of the reviews, tongues firmly in cheek, give credit to the binders for their ability to contain females. LeeBo of Raleigh, North Carolina writes, "As a wife and mother, I LOVE this binder. It keeps me in my place, allows me get dinner ready on time, AND costs 72% of more masculine version. Some people might think its sexist, but sheesh, I'm not binding my feet, just my brain."

And the hits keep coming. Martha H. Saltzman writes, "I used to think women were beyond organization till I discovered these binders. Now those pesky women are lined up, organized and orderly." And Maia Appleby writes, "I'm proud to say that I'm in this binder. I've spend 20 years working my way up from Walmart mom to soccer mom, and finally, I've hit the glass ceiling. I'm a binder mom..."


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