Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rare Evidence Of One Really Powerful Hit

Rare Evidence Of One Really Powerful Hit, A college running back is tackled so hard that it leaves litter on the football field. Minnesota RB Donnell Kirkwood delivers hit and his helmet logo bears the punishment, We've seen all sorts of hard hits this season - pads popping and guys slow to get up after a hit put them into a fog.

But we've never seen someone hit so hard that their helmet logo pops off.

Until today.

Minnesota running back Donnell Kirkwood went right at Northwestern defensive back Ibraheim Campbell in what resulted in a head-on collision at midfield. The Minnesota "M" logo from Kirkwood's helmet went flying into the air on impact and landed in the center of the field.

Since neither player was injured, we can say how truly awesome this collision was.


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