Friday, October 19, 2012

Actress Dresses In Trashy Ensemble

Actress Dresses In Trashy Ensemble, Brooke Shields rocks a ratty mullet and bellybutton ring while hurling insults on a sitcom. Brooke Shields gets trashy on 'The Middle' , Former fashion model Brooke Shields did some serious dressing down on ABC's "The Middle" last night.

Shields returned as the Hecks' trashy neighbor Rita on this week's episode. Sporting a ratty mullet and a belly-button ring and day-drinking a can of beer, Rita showed up on Frankie's doorstep insisting that the Hecks stole her family's garden hose. When Frankie gently suggested that one of Rita's unruly kids might have taken the hose instead, Rita threatened to "punch her boobs in." How neighborly!

This isn't Shields' first visit to "The Middle"; she first played Rita back in Season 1... and her wardrobe choices haven't improved a lot in the meantime. Her hilarious fashion make-under reminds us of a similar move by pop princess Katy Perry, who guest starred as a dowdy, hairy-lipped prison guard last season on Fox's "Raising Hope." Seems like a lot of beautiful stars are jumping at the chance to play trashy on TV these days. Too bad "My Name Is Earl" isn't on anymore, huh?


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