Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Basketball Coach's Cute Marriage Proposal

Basketball Coach's Cute Marriage Proposal, Davenport University's Craig Heatherly uses a funny disguise to catch his girlfriend by surprise. It didn't take long before Midnight Madness at Davenport University became Midnight Matrimony.

The Division II Panthers were celebrating the start of their basketball season just outside of Grand Rapids, Mich., when the team's mascot, Pounce, staged a dance-off with several players. The contest ended in a tie, and Pounce proceeded to engage in a tiebreaker dance-off with Linaya Hass, the coach of the school's dance team. What Hass didn't know was that underneath the Pounce costume was her boyfriend of one year, assistant basketball coach Craig Heatherly.

Heatherly, still dressed as Pounce, feigned an injury during his competition with Hass. When she came over to care for him, he took off the mascot head and revealed himself. At this point, everyone in the arena goes nuts.


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