Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aniston's Ridiculous On-Set Disguise

Aniston's Ridiculous On-Set Disguise, Jennifer Aniston tries to smooth talk a border patrol agent while wearing a wacky getup on a movie set. Top Shots of the Week,If you were looking forward to seeing Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming film “We’re the Millers,” you’re probably even more interested after seeing this wacky shot of a frumpily dressed Aniston on set in New Mexico wearing a giant sombrero, cradling a fake baby, and talking to a border patrol agent. The comedy follows a drug dealer who creates a fake family – including a housewife played by Aniston – to help him move a shipment of marijuana into Mexico. Note to Aniston’s character: When trying to keep a low profile, the smaller the hat the better.


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