Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Pitcher Is Staring Up At His Mitt

Why Pitcher Is Staring Up At His Mitt, A potentially scary play quickly becomes one for the "never-seen-that-before" file, a writer says. Blue Jays pitcher Chad Jenkins catches ball and glove to complete crazy juggling play (Video), From the "I've never seen that" department comes this play in Friday night's Yankees-Blue Jays battle at Rogers Centre.

It happened in the very first inning with Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson at the plate. Granderson would smack a hard line drive right back at Blue Jays starting pitcher Chad Jenkins, who reacted quickly and made a really impressive stab to catch the ball. However, the force of the hit ended up knocking Jenkins' glove straight into the air, but with ball still secure in glove, Jenkins would catch it up on the way down to complete the juggling catch and record the out.


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