Sunday, September 30, 2012

Schwarzenegger Admits Affair With Celebrity

Schwarzenegger Admits Affair With Celebrity, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms he had a fling in the '80s with a co-star while living with Maria Shriver. Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms 'hot affair' with Brigitte Nielsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that not only did he cheat on Maria Shriver with the family's housekeeper while the two were married, but he also cheated when they were dating and living together - and this time the other woman was none other than Brigitte Nielsen! In his new memoir, Total Recall, which hits shelves Monday, the action star and former California governor confirms that he and the actress had a "hot affair," according to the Associated Press. Schwarzenegger reportedly describes the relationship as a "fling," and says it helped him realize that he wanted to marry Shriver.

Nielsen, who revealed the romance in her 2011 memoir You Only Get One Life, met Schwarzenegger when the two starred in the 1985 movie "Red Sonja." At the time, Nielsen claims, she was unaware that Schwarzenegger was taken. "How serious it was with


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