Sunday, September 30, 2012

What You've Never Heard About 'Cheers'

What You've Never Heard About 'Cheers', One major cast member claims another star relentlessly tried to get him fired. 'Cheers' 30th anniversary: What you never knew about the show, Let's all raise a glass and give a toast to the gang at "Cheers," who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this weekend. Diane Chambers first walked into Sam Malone's Boston bar on September 30, 1982 and viewers couldn't have cared less, actually. "Cheers" debuted dead-last in the ratings (77th out of 77 shows), but NBC stuck with it, and over an eleven-year run, it grew into the top-rated show on television -- and an all-time comedy classic.

The new issue of GQ has a fascinating oral history of the 1982-93 NBC series, with key cast members and producers sharing never-before-told stories. "Cheers" fans should definitely sit down and read the whole piece, but we've collected the best tidbits here, so pull up a barstool and find out what you never knew about the bar where everybody knows your name.


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