Sunday, September 30, 2012

Player Profits By Committing Nasty Penalty

Player Profits By Committing Nasty Penalty, A defender gets flagged for a dangerous play, but it could have made him a hero. Duke's Jela Duncan has helmet ripped off on the way to the end zone and the play is blown dead, The helmet rule, which requires a player to miss a play if he losses his helmet, has been a big source of debate this season because coaches have contended that defensive players are intentionally trying to rip off helmets for an advantage.

What started out as a safety precaution by the NCAA has actually backfired and created some pretty scary moments, especially today during the Duke-Wake Forest game and the N.C. State-Miami game.

Duke running back Jela Duncan was heading for a possible touchdown when linebacker Justin Jackson grabbed his facemask and ripped the helmet off Duncan's head. Duncan kept running, but the play was called down and Jackson was given a personal foul penalty.


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