Sunday, October 7, 2012

5 Computer Viruses That Created Havoc

5 Computer Viruses That Created Havoc, These major attacks show how hackers have evolved from mere pranksters to digital criminals. Five viruses that changed computing history, In the past ten years, cyber crime has evolved. Attacks have gone from electronic infections which were often unleashed by accident to carefully targeted attacks used not just by criminals but by nations.

Britain's foreign secretary William Hague said this week, "It has never been easier to become a cyber criminal. Today, such attacks are crisscrossing the globe from north to south and east to west - in all directions, recognising no borders, with all countries in the firing line."

In just a few years, viruses, worms and trojans have gone from being a sort of digital spray-can that geeky vandals used to leave their mark on the world - to a terrifying weapon whose full potential has not yet been unleashed.


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