Sunday, October 7, 2012

Awe-Inspiring Open-Air Homes

Awe-Inspiring Open-Air Homes, The walls of a Santa Barbara mansion are so clear, it's hard to tell if they're open. There's a good reason your life coach tells you to "bring down your walls." It opens your mind, gives more breathing room and helps create a feeling of continuity. The same applies for architecture. Homeowners opting for fewer walls, floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces and wide-open spaces can bring in more light, make small areas look expansive and meld the living room with the backyard.

More home buyers are striving to capture better views and "more of an indoor-outdoor relationship" with their homes and the environment, according to Utah-based architect Clive Bridgwater. Take, for example, the award-winning 9,000-square-foot abode Bridgwater designed with dramatic views of the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains.


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