Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baseball Star Sits Out Playoff Celebration

Baseball Star Sits Out Playoff Celebration, Miguel Cabrera had a very good reason for not joining in his team's champagne showers. Miguel Cabrera sits out raucous celebration, even with division title in hand and Triple Crown near, Days like Monday test Miguel Cabrera. They test his ability as a baseball player, which is just about unmatched, and they test his sobriety, which is evermore a work in progress, and they test his capacity to marry the two, which he has done with wonderful success in this, the defining season of a career trending toward historic.

He had gone 4-for-5, bashed a home run, done everything short of lock up the American League Triple Crown and throw the key into a storm drain, before facing the uncomfortable part: the celebration. His Detroit Tigers had won the AL Central crown with a 6-3 victory against Kansas City, capping a spirited two-week run aided by the Chicago White Sox's collapse, and the party started quickly. Tarps over lockers, goggles over eyes, spray over everything. Cabrera got the Josh Hamilton treatment. The Tigers were thoughtful enough to buy cases of Fre - "alcohol-removed wine," the label said - but that wasn't enough to induce Cabrera into the middle of a scene that once threatened his career.


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