Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beck's Big Blunder At Daughter's Wedding

Beck's Big Blunder At Daughter's Wedding, A momentary lapse leads to a scene straight out of an action movie - and a totaled SUV. Glenn Beck totals rental SUV after daughter's wedding, Glenn Beck wrecked a rental at his daughter's wedding over the weekend.

"So my rental car got totaled this weekend ... at my daughter's wedding," the outspoken talk-show host wrote on Twitter.

On his radio show on Tuesday, Beck described the ordeal, saying after the ceremony he parked the rental SUV-a Ford Explorer-along a rain-soaked hill in the Finger Lakes area of New York, and forgot to put on the parking brake. Beck and his wife had already gotten out of the car when it began to slide, eventually flipping over, he said.

The former Fox News host was at the door to his lakeside cottage when he heard his wife, Tania, scream.


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