Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Biggest Turnoffs For Buyers Touring A Home

Biggest Turnoffs For Buyers Touring A Home, No one wants to see a room littered with baby items and kids' toys, real estate agents say. 5 Biggest Turnoffs When Touring a Home, A real estate agent's job entails more than assisting clients with the nitty-gritty details of buying or selling a home. Good agents also tour as many homes as possible. Knowing the local inventory gives them an edge over the competition and provides great value for future buyers and sellers because those agents know the market - their product.

Having toured hundreds of homes through the years, agents have come to loathe certain sights. They sometimes leave houses wondering whether the seller even knew a showing was scheduled for that day.

Here are five huge turnoffs that agents and their buyer clients see when touring homes and how to avoid them:

Pets bring so many great things to a family and home. But no potential buyer wants to see a dirty cat litter box next to the breakfast table or Fido's bitten, saliva-filled bone on the sofa in living room.


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