Friday, October 5, 2012

Bond's Biggest - And Most Famous - Fan

Bond's Biggest - And Most Famous - Fan, One of the earliest 007 fanatics played a key role in bringing the second spy film to life. 007 at 50: JFK, James Bond's biggest fan, Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the release of "Dr. No," the first film adaptation of author Ian Fleming's British super spy, Bond... James Bond, and to celebrate, October 5 has been declared "Global James Bond Day."

In honor of 007's golden anniversary, a new Blu-ray box set has been released containing all 22 official James Bond movies to date (the original spoof "Casino Royale" and 1983's "Never Say Never Again" were not produced by Eon Productions and therefore aren't included). On cable, EPIX is premiering a new feature-length documentary about the Bond films entitled "Everything or Nothing." And Adele officially released her new theme song for Bond's next big-screen outing, "Skyfall."

Over the course of five decades, the James Bond series of books and films has amassed millions of dedicated fans around the world. But as it turns out, one of the earliest -- and most famous -- 007 fanatics actually helped decide the course of the movie franchise and helped raise its global profile. And that was President John F. Kennedy.


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