Sunday, October 7, 2012

Coronation Street: Secrets And Lies

Coronation Street: Secrets And Lies, While festival fever hits 'Emmerdale', Deirdre plays detective on 'Corrie' and makes a shocking discovery. Soaps preview - 8 - 12 October, Ken is up to his old tricks again on 'Corrie'- or is he? , Syed's pre-wedding fling on 'Enders' and festival fever hits 'Emmerdale' He's a good looking man Ken Barlow, even though he's no spring chicken, so it's no surprise that Deirdre thinks she's got to keep her eye on him. She turns detective after Ken is not too keen on her birthday card and heads off to open a special present given to him by former lover Wendy Crozier.

He later calls her to thank her and she invites him over. Ken leaves for Wendy's telling a suspicious Deirdre he has another meeting with Brian, whilst she clocks his new cufflinks. When Deirdre bumps into Brian and asks him how the meeting went it's clear Brian has no idea what Deirdre is talking about and that Ken has lied again. As Deirdre sees Ken head for a cab she collars Rita, who's getting into her car, and the pair follow him. When Ken arrives at his destination Deirdre is in for the shock of her life - he's meeting Wendy. Later on, she confronts him and he insists there's nothing going on - but poor Deirdre is inconsolable.


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