Thursday, October 4, 2012

Critics Pound Moderation By 'Poor Jim'

Critics Pound Moderation By 'Poor Jim', Despite the candidates interrupting and talking over him, the PBS host takes some heat. Lehrer's debate moderation mauled by critics, It was a rough night for President Barack Obama and Big Bird at the first of three presidential debates. It was even worse for Jim Lehrer. The 78-year-old moderator, who is executive editor and former anchor of "PBS NewsHour," was torn apart by critics who said he lost control of the debate, held at the University of Denver, as the two candidates talked over him throughout the 90-minute exchange.

The trouble began early, when Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney interrupted Lehrer-moderating his 12th presidential debate-as he tried to change topics. "I get the last word of this segment," Romney said. "Romney just ran right over Lehrer," tweeted Dana Loesch, the conservative radio talk show host. The New York Times' Ashley Parker described it as a steamroll.


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