Friday, October 5, 2012

Dad Caught On Tape Bullying Disabled Girl?

Dad Caught On Tape Bullying Disabled Girl?, A woman takes footage of a neighbor appearing to mock her granddaughter, who has cerebral palsy. On Thursday,'s "Anderson Live," Anderson was joined by his good friend Andy Cohen. Among the many trending topics discussed on The First 15, Anderson and Andy talked about an Ohio dad and his son who allegedly bullied their neighbor, a young girl with cerebral palsy.

Hope Holcomb, who is 10 years old, says she is afraid to come out of her house or ride on the school bus because her neighbor, William Bailey, and his son, a classmate, constantly mock the way she walks. Hope's grandmother videotaped William and his son allegedly making fun of Hope to shed light on the incident, which they say is a pattern of torment, and they're pursuing charges of aggravated menacing against the Baileys.


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