Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dad Protests School's Bullying Decision

Dad Protests School's Bullying Decision, Randy Duke says that his 14-year-old son is being punished for finally standing up for himself. Texas father pickets school over son's alleged bullying, A Texas father is hitting the streets to support his son, who he says is being punished for standing up to a bully. Randy Duke of Victoria, Texas, walks for a couple of hours each day in front of Cade Middle School carrying a sign that reads "Bullying victims are punished here," reports KHOU.

Duke's 14-year-old son, Max, was disciplined for allegedly fighting with a student who had been bullying him, Duke said. "He's at the point where [he said], 'Dad, I couldn't walk away, 'cause he just follows me and beats up on me all the time,'" Duke told KHOU. "Then when he finally has to take matters into his own hands, he gets punished." Duke said what set Max off was when the eighth-grader who had been bullying him for several years stomped on a paper airplane Max had made in art class for a special-needs child. "So Max just looked up and said, 'What the hell?' The kid shoved Max. Max had had enough.


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