Saturday, October 6, 2012

David Blaine's Risky High-Voltage Stunt

David Blaine's Risky High-Voltage Stunt, There's less concern about the million volts that will zap him than about a byproduct of the display. David Blaine's Electrical Stunt Could Create Harmful Ozone, Magicians hold details in high regard, so it's fair to inquire about one of the key details related to stunt artist David Blaine's feat that begins today at Pier 54 in New York City's West Village: How will Blaine's team handle all the excess ozone gas produced with each million-volt discharge from the Tesla coils?

For three days and nights, Blaine plans to stand atop a six-meter-tall pillar while Tesla coils, controlled by spectators, zap him with electricity. Paul Hoffman, chief executive of the Liberty Science Center, where Blaine is magician-in-residence, estimates one million volts will reach Blaine at any time. The Brooklyn-based endurance performer hopes to survive the Tesla coils-worth about $5 million and donated by software giant Intel--with a protective steel chain-mail suit and metal head cage, which will direct the flow of current around, not through him.


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