Friday, October 5, 2012

Doctor Compares Toddlers To Cavemen

Doctor Compares Toddlers To Cavemen, Parents often start with their agenda, which is the wrong approach with an upset child. The Secret Weapon to Tame a Tantrum? Act like a Toddler, The dictionary does not hold enough adjectives to describe how parents feel when faced with toddler tantrums. We've seen families get booted from flights and a kindergartener get arrested as a result of epic meltdowns. Is there a sure-fire method to stop a toddler in the midst of an outburst? Probably not. But according to a leading pediatrician, tots are like little cavemen who need to be tamed. The way to calm them is to understand their language -- and act like a toddler.

"Well, toddlers are not so much little children as they are little cavemen and if you spend an afternoon with them you know they're uncivilized," Dr. Harvey Karp, creator of The Happiest Toddler on the Block, tells Diane Mizota on Away We Grow. "They'll wipe their mouths on your blouse and they'll pee anywhere they want then they'll throw things at you. So it's important to understand this because that changes they way you speak to them...especially when they're upset."


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