Saturday, October 6, 2012

Does Retirement Guarantee Weight Gain?

Does Retirement Guarantee Weight Gain?, You'll be battling age, plus changes in physical activity and food intake - but you can fight back. Is Retirement Making You Fat?, If your jeans don't button quite as easily as they used to and your shirts feel extra snug these days, you're not alone: Thousands of older folks struggle with weight gain when they retire. So, is retirement making you fat?

At a time when out-of-pocket medical costs have been steadily rising for seniors, it's a question that's just as important to financial well-being as to physical health. And it's possible that retirement is connected to adding extra pounds, according to several recent studies.

A study from the Institute for Health Policy Studies titled "The Effect of Retirement on Weight," for example, studied a group of almost 38,000 retirees and concluded that retirement is connected to "modest weight gain." The study focused on "body mass index," or BMI, which is calculated by dividing a person's weight by his or her height. The researchers found that the average person added .24 to their body mass index upon retirement.


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