Friday, October 5, 2012

Eight Habits That Are Killing Your Career

Eight Habits That Are Killing Your Career, Not being comfortable with this is a surefire way to get passed over for advancement. 8 Work Habits That Will Kill Your Career, Wondering why you're not advancing in your career more quickly, or why you always seem to be overlooked when it comes time for raises, promotions, or important projects? The answer might be that you're holding yourself back, through one or more of these eight career-killing behaviors.

1. Not promoting your own work. Your work might be fantastic, but if no one knows about it, it won't help your reputation, your salary, or your advancement opportunities. Make sure that your manager knows about your accomplishments, whether it's kudos from a hard-to-please client, waste you uncovered and fixed, or anything else that goes above and beyond your normal work.

2. Getting defensive. If you get defensive when you get less than glowing feedback on your work, you might be striking a death blow to your career. Many people simply give up on having meaningful interactions with defensive people, so your co-workers may avoid you, and your manager may stop telling you how you can improve. "That sounds great," you might respond--but it means that you'll destroy the relationships you need to advance in your career and denying yourself the information that you need to grow professionally.


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