Sunday, October 7, 2012

Essential Rules For Coloured Hair

Essential Rules For Coloured Hair, Comic Freddie Starr 'completely refutes' allegations he tried to grope a young girl in the 1970s. Freddie Starr dismisses groping claims, Veteran comedian Freddie Starr has denied allegations he attempted to grope an underage girl in the 1970s.The funnyman has dismissed Karin Ward's allegation that he tried to touch her breasts when she was 14, while visiting late entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile at the BBC Television Centre in London. Ward's claims come amid growing uproar over accusations Savile, who died last year, sexually abused children during his heyday.

Starr says, "I have never been in any situation with Jimmy Savile... and I have certainly never been with this woman. I think these women are very brave to come forward, but they shouldn't drag my name through the mud. "I completely understand their predicaments, but when they are doing it for a reason, and trying to pick names out of a hat, saying 'he'll do, Freddie Starr will do' - they could have picked anyone. It could have been some other poor b**tard. "It's horrible to be faced with this. They've done this, going after a book deal regardless of the consequences. I think there are more to come forward - and I think there should be a police investigation into it now. "I've never touched any underaged girl in my life.


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