Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Evolution Of Gay Characters On TV

Evolution Of Gay Characters On TV, The first gay portrayal outraged conservative groups and gay rights activists alike. The Evolution of Gay TV Characters,There was once a time when portraying a gay character on a TV show was taboo. As the American public becomes more accepting of nontraditional couples, same-sex relationships have been increasingly common in sitcoms and dramas. And they are no longer stereotypes added in for a cheap laugh but instead an important part of their shows, portrayed with depth and range. From "Modern Family" to "Revenge," TV's not just about straight folks anymore. Here's a rundown of the evolution of gay characters on TV.

Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal), "Soap" (1977)

Before "Harry Met Sally," Jodie met Dennis. The wacky send-up of daytime melodrama was controversial enough, with its adulterous marriages and mob ties, but also it introduced one of TV's first series-regular gay characters.


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