Monday, October 1, 2012

Fans Beg For Tebow After Humiliating Loss

Fans Beg For Tebow After Humiliating Loss, A disastrous performance forces Jets' coach Rex Ryan to announce next week's starting QB. Despite calls for Tim Tebow, Jets coach Rex Ryan not ready to bench Mark Sanchez, There weren't enough New York Jets fans left by game's end to call it a Tim Tebow chant. Murmur is about the best the small crowd of diehards could manage at the end of a 34-0 thrashing by the San Francisco 49ers at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Worse, while much of the talk will center around Tebow and starter Mark Sanchez this week even though coach Rex Ryan said he's sticking with Sanchez, the issues ran much deeper than quarterback play.

By the time this game was over, the 49ers hadn't just taken the win, they walked away with the Jets' manhood, grinding New York's once-vaunted defense with 245 yards rushing.

"I apologize for my language because I was going to say we got our butts kicked, but we got our asses kicked," Ryan said. "I've never given up so many rushing yards in my life."


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