Monday, October 1, 2012

How Would A Romney Court Look?

How Would A Romney Court Look?, A critical seat on the Supreme Court will likely become vacant during the next four years. What would Romney's Supreme Court look like?, Should Mitt Romney win the presidential election this November, one institution stands to receive a substantial makeover: the Supreme Court. The venerable justices begin a new term Monday, and it could be one of the last of its kind. During his four year term, the Republican pick for president would very likely get to nominate at least one new justice to the aging Court, a move that could drastically reshape the legal landscape for years after.

The majority of justices on the Court aren't exactly youthful. Conservative justice Anton Scalia is well into his 70s, while liberal justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are 74 and 79, respectively. Swing Justice Anthony Kennedy, meanwhile, is 76. Ginsburg, who has twice survived cancer, said she wants to tie the tenure of Justice Louis Brandeis, who retired in 1939 at age 82. If that happens, she'd say adieu in 2015, smack in the middle of a Romney presidency (should he win the White House.)


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