Sunday, October 7, 2012

'I Love That Ruby Has Six Older Brothers'

'I Love That Ruby Has Six Older Brothers', As a mother of six sons, Karen Johns had given up hope of ever having a girl - and then Ruby came along. 'I had six sons while longing for a daughter, then Ruby came along', For most of her adult life Karen yearned for a baby girl. The pretty clothes, the girly pink accessories and the warm bond that grows between a mother and daughter. From two marriages she was blessed with six sons, but the full-time mum never stopped hoping.

"I have always loved babies," she says. "I love the new born stage. People moan about having to get up in the night, but that time is so precious and so fleeting. I would probably have babies until I was 86 years old if I could!"

Karen, 45, from Dagenham, says: "I never had nice dresses and lovely shoes. I loved everything sparkly or pink, but we grew up in poverty so it was never indulged."

"Mum and Dad had five children and lived in a two-bedroom house. We had love, but there was certainly no room for extravagance. I used to look at my friends and wish I had clothes like them. I guess that is why I wanted my own little girl."


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