Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lemon-Free: 10 Most Reliable Used Cars

Lemon-Free: 10 Most Reliable Used Cars, Each of these models gets high marks from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. 10 most-reliable used cars, Unlike the old adage, when one shops for a used car and picks a lemon, the beleagured owner just can't solve the problem by making lemonade.

Deciding whether to buy a used car instead of a factory fresh new one is a decision that's inherently weighed more toward practicality than pure emotion. While there is an undeniable amount of egotistical cachet in driving a brand new car home from a dealership, choosing a pre-owned model is usually the better deal.

Unfortunately, buying a used car is typically a far more perilous decision to make, particularly with regard to a vehicle's mechanical condition. One otherwise comparable preowned car may have logged an excessive number of miles than another or may have been largely neglected by its owner. And some vehicles just age better than others in terms of styling, features, performance - and most importantly - long-term reliability.


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