Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mariah Carey's Personal Umbrella Handler

Mariah Carey's Personal Umbrella Handler, The divalicious singer finds an over-the-top way to stay cool in the afternoon sun. Mariah Carey Employs Her Own Personal Umbrella-Carrier, Hey kids, make sure you get good grades in school, work hard, and one day you just may grow up to be...Mariah Carey's personal umbrella holder!

Yup, that apparently is a real job title--or, at least, a real job anyway--based on this snap of Carey in full diva mode at a Baton Rouge American Idol photo shoot Thursday. The superstar AI judge was flanked by security, including one guy whose sole chore appeared to be blocking the 85-degree afternoon sun from damaging his boss's flawless complexion.

Well, hey, if anything, we're sure this gentleman is well-paid for his work--if probably not challenged too much by it.


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