Monday, October 1, 2012

MLB Bust Quits, Tells Team To Keep Millions

MLB Bust Quits, Tells Team To Keep Millions, An apologetic Tsuyoshi Nishioka turns down guaranteed money after asking the Twins for his release. Tsuyoshi Nishioka says goodbye to a guaranteed $3.25 million, requests release from Twins, How badly did Tsuyoshi Nishioka want to quit playing baseball in America?

Bad enough that he told the Minnesota Twins on Friday that they could keep the $3.25 million the team still owed him if it released him from his contract.

It's unclear if any members of the Twins front office blew any horns or popped any champagne upon receiving that request, but the answer was a no-doubt-about-it "yes." The imported second baseman has been an unmitigated disaster ever since he signed with the team before the 2011 season.


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