Sunday, October 7, 2012

NYC Apologizes For Billing Dead Man

NYC Apologizes For Billing Dead Man, Tamon Robinson's family received a letter demanding a few hundred dollars for a dented police car. New York Officials Apologize for Billing Man Killed by Cop Car, New York City officials are apologizing after sending a letter to a New York man demanding he pay $710 within 10 days for damaging the cop car that struck and killed him during a chase last spring.

Tamon Robinson was caught digging up paving stones at a housing complex in Brooklyn, N.Y., in April, and police started to chase the 23-year-old. When he was struck and killed by the police car during the chase, the front of the vehicle was dented, ABC station WABC-TV reported.

A letter was sent to Robinson in September notifying him that the City of New York was seeking $710 for damage to a police car, according to The Associated Press. His mother, Laverne Dobbinson, said she felt "disrespected" when she received the letter addressed to her late son.


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