Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photos: Daredevil's High-Voltage Stunt

Photos: Daredevil's High-Voltage Stunt, David Blaine, known for hair-raising exploits, is spending the weekend surrounded by electricity. Daredevil's high-voltage stunt in New York City David Blaine is spending his weekend in the middle of a million volts of electricity. The illusionist --- known for other stunts such as being buried alive and spending time in an ice block --- began the feat on Friday, Oct. 5, at New York City's Pier 54. Blaine is wearing a chain-mail bodysuit to protect him against the currents.

Magician David Blaine stands inside an apparatus surrounded by a million volts of electric currents streamed by tesla coils during his 72-hour "Electrified: 1 Million Volts Always On" stunt on Pier 54, Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, in New York. The stunt, sponsored by Intel, is the latest of daredevil endeavors by the magician whose previous stunts included being encased in ice for over 60 hours in Times Square.


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