Thursday, October 4, 2012

Principal Changes Mind Over Short Skirts

Principal Changes Mind Over Short Skirts, Kendall Topham has a change of heart after turning away female students from homecoming. Utah Girls Barred from Dance, Principal Apologizes, Schools around the country have instituted dress codes for daily wear and proms, but a high school principal from Tooele, Utah went too far, and on Monday had to apologize to students for barring dozens of girls-including the homecoming queen-from entering Saturday night's homecoming dance because their skirts were too short. Mom Donna Hesleph, whose daughter Amber called to get a ride home because she had been rejected at the door, told the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, "When I got there I saw a long line of girls who had been turned away and they were all crying."

Many of the girls who were turned away for inappropriate attire were wearing dresses that fell a couple of inches above the knee. The student handbook reads that hemlines "should be at or near knee length."


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