Monday, October 1, 2012

QB's Equipment Fails At Worst Possible Time

QB's Equipment Fails At Worst Possible Time, The Redskins' Robert Griffin III was facing a must-score situation when this happened. RG3 brushes off headset malfunction in 'Skins' win; Santana Moss suspects Bucs sabotage, His headset went out. He was a rookie quarterback, on the road, with less than two minutes to save a game and, quite possibly, any hope for a season. And the headset inside Robert Griffin III's helmet went out.

His head coach, Mike Shanahan, called it "miscommunication." His wide receiver, Santana Moss, called it something else. "Happens every time," Moss said after the game. "No lie. I've been in the league 12 years, I've been in plenty of games, and the home team goes, 'Oh well.' " Then he mimicked yanking an imaginary plug out of a wall. Whatever the reason for the technical difficulty, Griffin had to take Moss and the Redskins all the way down the field, and do so with only the single play he ran onto the field with after a touchback stopped the clock with 1:42 to play and the Redskins down 22-21.


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