Saturday, October 6, 2012

Retire Well Overseas On $1,200 A Month

Retire Well Overseas On $1,200 A Month, These two South American cities are easy to get to and won't deplete your nest egg. 2 Places to Retire Well on a Small Budget, The most compelling reason to think about retiring overseas is the cost of living. Whatever your budget for retirement, it will stretch much further in many places around the world than it will in the U.S. If your retirement budget is very small, retiring overseas can be the secret to shifting your retirement from a cause for worry to an exciting adventure.

When considering the world's best options for where to retire well on a very limited retirement budget, two cities jump out immediately: Cuenca, Ecuador, and Granada, Nicaragua.

Both Cuenca and Granada are beautiful and authentic Spanish colonial cities, founded in the 1500s. In both cases the cost of living is about as low as you'll find anywhere. You can get by frugally on much less than $1,200 per month. In fact, it's possible to live in both of these interesting cities on a budget of as little as $800 or $900 per month. For a more comfortable lifestyle by North American standards, estimate around $1,500 a month or so.


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